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Choose CrateNode for affordable, reliable, and secure Web Hosting!


4GB NVMe Storage

Unlimited Bandwidth

$ 2.00/mo


10GB NVMe Storage

Unlimited Bandwidth

$ 3.99/mo


20GB NVMe Storage

Unlimited Bandwidth

$ 5.99/mo


50GB NVMe Storage

Unlimited Bandwidth

$ 7.99/mo


The cPanel control panel offers an easy-to-use experience paired with advanced management features and tools, giving webmasters complete control over their websites.


Our Web Hosting solutions support both FTP and SFTP, allowing easy access to your files through your favorite FTP Client.


Under one plan, you can host as many websites as you wish! This allows the complete control of multiple websites under one cPanel account.

100% SSD

Our nodes are powered by pure SSD! These enterprise-grade NVMe drives are some of the fastest available!


With numerous threats, DDoS protection is a must nowadays. Our complex protection network stops attacks before they can cause damage.


Our Web Hosting services are backed by several knowledgeable agents, ready to assist 24/7.

What makes CrateNode the best?

100% Uptime

We understand that downtime can be frustrating. Our SLA covers 100% of unplanned outages, no questions asked.

Guaranteed SSDs

Server Hosting isn't only about CPU performance. All of our services are powered by enterprise-grade SSDs, improving reliability and reducing lag.

No Strings Attached

We are completely transparent and back up every service we provide with stats to prove it- something most of our competition doesn't offer.

Instant Activation

Why wait to start playing? Our processes are completely automated and instant, but rest-assured knowing that a 24/7 support team has your back.

Awesome Support

Our 24/7, US-based support staff are experts in every service we offer, from troubleshooting common issues to choosing plugins. "premium support" shouldn't be an additional charge!

DDoS Protection

It is a must to have good protection on your server. All locations we offer are protected behind an advanced DDoS Protection and Mitigation infrastructure.