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As a provider of several IT services, We understand the importance of Data Security. That’s why we have taken extreme measures to keep our operations safe and efficient.

All datacentres used by CrateNode are up-to-date on security standards. Access to these facilities is controlled through several technologies including fingerprint, handprint, and iris readers. An armed security guard is always on duty.

All CrateNode staff members are monitored under strict standards. Access to servers is limited, and an extensive interview and background check are conducted on every employee before considering employment. These staff members are required to maintain confidentiality, even after departure from the company.

Customer Data is our number one priority when it comes to security. Access to these databases is strictly limited through several enacted measures and policies. These policies ensure the safety of data storage and transmission.

All connections to our billing portal and website are secured via 256-bit SSL protocols.

For more information on our Data Security stance and measures, don’t hesitate to contact our Sales department.